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Blogging is something I enjoy, but I’m just not very good at it. I feel like it’s because of my irregular schedule. I’ve never had a set day that I worked or even set hours. I’ve loved my job, but it makes it difficult to fall into a route. I’m starting out by planning on publishing a post once a week.

In the last two weeks, I’ve started a new job, ended another, and applied, interviewed, was offered and accepted another job. It’s been crazy, but things are finally starting to look up! I’m going to have a full time job with regular hours and will have weekends off and such. I’m thrilled to start this new job on Monday and I’m sure I’ll write more about it as I learn more.

I have a few goals in mind for this blog:

1) to tell my experiences in the Philippines, because I haven’t really said much besides how much I loved it,

2) share what I’ve learned from being in fashion for the last year and a half, and

3) just share other parts of my life, although any photography stuff will probably be on my photography website

I hope that you find it interesting and if you have any questions, please ask. I would love to have conversations.

xoxo – natasha

Geisha: A Life Review

After reading Memoirs of a Geisha and loving it, I decided to read Geisha: A Life. It is Mineko Iwasaki’s autobiography that was created after Memoirs was published. Memoirs of a Geisha was written from interviews with Mineko, who was displeased with the outcome of the book.

Let me start by saying I loved Memoirs of a Geisha. It was thrilling and I couldn’t put the book down. After I finished it, I looked for similar books and seeing an autobiography by an actual Geisha, I had to read it and compare fiction to nonfiction.

I loved Geisha: A Life more than Memoirs of a Geisha, although at times, Geisha: A Life was a little difficult to read because it wasn’t written to put readers in a trance.

Memoirs of a Geisha is meant to be enchanting and make readers wish they could have a glamorous career like a Geisha. Geisha: A Life gives the real details of a geisha, that are less flattering and reveal the long nights of entertaining ending at 3 am, early mornings starting at 6 am for practicing dance, studying, and doing household chores.

Mineko chose to become a Geisha while she was a toddler. She left her home and parents to live with strangers and a bitter older sister who tormented Mineko at any given chance.

What really inspired me from reading the book, was that Mineko was a fighter. She wanted to be the best and became the best. She inspired me to become my best as well. If Mineko made a mistake or was disappointed with something in her life, she would write it down and come up with ways to overcome it.

I’m not sure if everyone would connect with Mineko the same way I did, but for me, we are very similar. Mineko is constantly hiding in closets to be alone but she has one of the most social careers. I am similar where I prefer not to socialize, but I work in retail and with the general public.

I strongly suggest reading both books, one for enchantment and joy and one for growing and learning about an otherwise unknown culture.

Utah Hogle Zoo

I just happened to have a Saturday off a couple weeks ago so we decided to go to the zoo because Jeff is on the Dive Team, so we get in for free and we just love the zoo.

When we first arrived all the animals were sleeping boring so after walking all around we decided to eat then walk around again to see if animals were more awake.

We love the new restaurant because it overlooks the elephant exhibit and we watched the baby elephant roll in the mud. We also saw an elephant want to see a trainer so badly that she kept blowing her trunk.

Every time we go to the zoo there is a different animal that we learn more about. Last time it was the female lions and we played with them and it was awesome. This time, it was the rhinos. We learned that the only difference between the white rhino and the black rhino are their lips. We ended up watching them eat for 10 minutes in that little rock peephole. I had never really thought about how big they are because they’ve always been next to elephants and they are little compared to them, but rhinos are huge animals!

Anyway, it was a nice relaxing day and we’ve decided that anytime we go, we will go later in the day when it cools down.

IMG_5285.JPG IMG_5332.JPG IMG_5306.JPG IMG_5315.JPG IMG_5326.JPG IMG_5325.JPG IMG_5322.JPG

Utah State Fair

After we had our pictures taken a few weeks ago, we headed to the Utah State Fair – the greatest place on earth!

Just kidding, but it is the prime area for deep fried anything and people watching.

While there, Jeff ended up making a great business contact and as he was conversing, I was taking pictures of the sunset. It was gorgeous and I loved the lights of the rides against the sunset.

IMG_5152.JPG IMG_5156.JPG IMG_5166.JPG IMG_5158.JPG

After walking through all the tents, we walked through the animal houses. Our favorite were the goats. There was one that was screaming – we literally thought there was a man screaming. Then two goats were playing and it was hilarious!

IMG_5174.JPG IMG_5173.JPG

After the goats, we walked through the cows. They had two Bulls out that had information about them. The only that Jeff posed with is 2500 pounds and is 6 feet at the shoulder. It’s crazy being so close to such a big animal.

IMG_5192.JPG IMG_5194.JPG IMG_5195.JPG IMG_5189.JPG

The animals were definitely the highlight of the night. We also saw a reindeer, which was cool. After the animals, we just walked around and just watched people.

IMG_5201.JPG IMG_5197.JPG


I’ve been wanting some pictures of Jeff and I for a while, but not so much that I was going to stop being lazy.

I had joined a group on Facebook that was for photographers in Utah (I think this one was specifically for women) and one girl said she wanted to exchange some images of anyone in the Layton area. So I talked to her for few days, we set up a time and place and we met last Friday.

I am thrilled with how they turned out. We ended up switching memory cards and taking pictures then going home and editing the pictures of ourselves.

JT14_01 JT14_02 JT14_03

Aren’t we just adorable? Jeff looks so handsome, even though he disagrees…

Now to slightly change the subject, I freaking love my husband!

He is caring and trusting. Sometimes I think I can get away with feeling a certain way and he won’t notice, but he does. He knows me and I love him for it. I love that we can talk about anything and everything. We are open with each other and it makes a world of difference!

I also love that he loves our dogs. He takes time to play with both of them and give them attention.

Okay, that’s the end of my turned sappy post.


Park City

A few weeks ago, I happened to have a day off so we took advantage of it and Jeff and I headed up to Park City as a little mid-week get away.

We started off our excursion during rush hour in Salt Lake and we figured it would continue until we actually got to Park City, but the traffic was worse than I’ve ever seen it. We were stopped on the freeway as soon as we got to 1300 South and we spent the next hour and a half inching forward. I’m sure a snail could have beaten us!

Since it was a Thursday night, Jeff still had some work to get done so we could enjoy the next day. As we are sitting in the car, and Jeff is making phone calls with his Beats By Dre noise canceling headphones on, a highway patrol car zooms past us in the left hand shoulder. I took it as a sign that there was an accident and we would be waiting for a little bit longer. Over the next 10 minutes there were 3 Salt Lake City police cars, 2 highway patrol cars, a firetruck, 2 ambulances, and an incident management vehicle that passed us in the left shoulder and we had moved maybe 10 feet.

During the long boring inching forward, we were rear ended by a Dodge Ram in Jeff’s BMW – which means the back bumper cried and fell right off. Not really – but I swear you could look at the bumper wrong and it would dent itself. Since we’ve been dating, he has had the bumper replaced 5 times and I believe only one time has been his fault. Anyway, we had been hit and the bumper was bad enough that it needed to be replaced and he wasn’t sure how we should talk to this guy because we were still on the freeway and people shouldn’t be out of their cars – so Jeff called 911 and told the guy roughly where we were and asked what we should do and apologized because he figured it wasn’t as bad as the accident that was ahead of us and the phone operator somewhat chuckled and say “Oh yeah, it’s a messy one.”

It all worked out, the guy that hit us was really nice and offered to pay for the new bumper because it was his fault completely. We drive off feeling better, then we pass the accident. There were only a few highway patrol cars still there, but all FIVE vehicles that were involved in the accident were still there and the incident guys were still sweeping up debris. One of the vehicles was a Ford F350 and the back passenger tire was perpendicular to the rest of the vehicle, a Prius was completely smashed – it looked like it had something to do with the truck’s tire – and two cars were facing the wrong direction and the last one was smashed into the cement barrier. It looked awful and I was surprised that more cars weren’t involved in the crash.

After the crash, it was smooth sailing. We arrived at the WestGate Hotel and had a suite of some kind. There was a steam shower, a jacuzzi in the bedroom, and a full kitchen. A great view of the pool with tons of screaming children. That last sentence was said with sarcasm.

We ate at a sports bar down the hall from our room and during the wait we wandered around the hotel and found an adults only pool and spa – which was gorgeous – the pool had a waterfall and there were no children.

For dinner, we sat outside and we were actually chilly and wanted jackets, which was great for the first days of August. I jokingly asked Jeff if I could try some alcohol since I haven’t done anything that normal 21 year olds do, so he ordered a non-alcoholic beer and it was one of the most disgusting things I have ever tried.

We spent the night swimming and relaxing in the pool/spa and taking a steam shower.

The next morning we woke up, checked out and headed to Main Street. We didn’t realize that it was the Kimball Art’s Festival, so parking was difficult because all the artists were showing up to set up. We walked around looking for a little place to have brunch and finally settled on the Java Cow. It was a cute little place and I loved it. I want to do a photoshoot there sometime. Anyway, we ordered crepes and an orange smoothie and sat back and watched people for a little bit.

PC14_117 PC14_118 PC14_120 PC14_122

After eating, we walked up and down Main Street and looking in shops and art galleries, along with watching artists set up their booths.

For the most part, it was a nice and relaxing getaway, but Jeff was still getting calls from work and he ended up working most the day.

PC14_126 PC14_130 PC14_132 PC14_135 PC14_137

Sand Hollow

This weekend Jeff and I drove to St. George to dive in Sand Hollow.

We didn’t have much time so we drove down on Thursday night and stayed with Jeff’s friend from high school. Then we headed back on Saturday night.

On Friday, we drove into Hurricane and stopped by Peach Days then headed over to Sand Hollow.

The dive master ended up having car problems and not coming so Jeff tagged along with some other divers as I stayed on the beach with Baxter. After he dived, we went back to Peach Days and hung out with his friend and his wife.

On Saturday, we headed back over to Sand Hollow and dived with Jeff’s friend.

We explored a VW Bus, and sunken plane. There was also a buoyancy obstacle course, a missile, and a toilet.

It was an interesting dive because it was different than anything I’ve done. My other dives have been in salt water and the fish are more colorful and move quicker. Fresh water fish are still cool, but they are slow moving and all seem to be some shade of green.

The plane was small and I was told that someone died in it – although it seemed to be undamaged. Knowing there was a death made it eery to explore. The constant boat hum seemed to disappear when we were around it. There was no way I was going in.

The bus was awesome. I’ve always wondered what it looks like on the inside. Although it is covered in algae, I still want to own one at some point in my life.

IMG_5036-0.JPG IMG_5023-2.JPG IMG_5040-0.JPG IMG_5025-0.JPG IMG_5051.JPG IMG_5050-0.JPG IMG_5055.JPG

It’s been a while!

It’s crazy how life gets busy and things get pushed to the back of the mind and forgotten about. 

I’ve been working a ton and have some great ideas coming on this blog about clothes :)

I mostly wanted to share some of the images I took of my uncle’s family. I found the perfect location and I’m excited for more shoots there! And if anyone is located in Utah, I would love to meet up and exchange some shoots. (If you are interested, email me at

RTU_011 RTU_043 RTU_059 RTU_068 RTU_222

First Hike of the Year

Sometimes it’s difficult to get my husband to go on a walk, let alone a hike. But on Saturday he finally agreed and we took the dogs with us!

I wish I had brought my natural density filter for my 50mm lens for some of the landscape shots, but that’s okay. There were plenty of flowers for me to photograph – and here they are.

DSC_0110 DSC_0115 DSC_0120 DSC_0125


Indignation: anger or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment.

Indignation is also a novel written by Philip Roth.

I’ve had more spare time than I’ve had in quite a while – like a year! So I’ve needed something to do and I’ve started to read.

There is a small book store close to my house where you can buy and trade in your books. I decided to go in and find some books to read over the next couple weeks and Indignation was one that sounded good so I bought it.

I read it in two days.

I regret that I didn’t just stop reading… I just kept thinking something would happen, but nothing ever did. To me, the book was written in segments that didn’t really connect.

It’s about a teenager that decided to leave home to get away from his nagging father. It’s set during the Korean War and the teenager is focused on his studies so he can make his parents proud and so he won’t be drafted as a soldier and have to go to war. While at college, he changed rooms three times because he couldn’t handle his roommates. He also went on a date with a girl that ended in her giving him a blow job then he was too embarrassed to ask her out again. He got into an argument with the Dean because the Dean thought he was antisocial and the teenager (I honestly can’t remember his name) thinks the Dean is making it up and has no right to pry into his life. During the argument, the teenager threw up over the chair he was in and the rug. He was rushed to the hospital and had his appendix removed. While in the hospital, the girl he went on a date with came to visit him and started to give him a hand job and a nurse saw (the college is against sexual contact, so they should be expelled) but the nurse didn’t tell anyone. The teenager’s mom came and visited him in the hospital and met the girl, but told him not to date her because she has a cut on her wrist and he shouldn’t be dating someone who has tried to kill herself. He agrees, but tries to find the girl once he is released from the hospital, but she went home because she found out she was pregnant. The Dean ends up talking to the kid again and accused the teenager of impregnating her, but the teenager couldn’t have because he is a virgin. Then somehow there is a panty raid and kids are being expelled and girls are going home, never to return to the college again. Then the president of the college talks to all the males and tells them they are wimps and the heroes are the soldiers in the war. Then somehow the teenager died and I guess the book was really a flashback of his life.

The narrator changes in the last chapter and I did not like it. It was like Roth forgot that he had to close the book so he gave a brief ending to the teenager’s life as well as his parents. You never learn anything more about the girl he dated, or the school.

It was a well written book, but it was a weak story line. Roth could have gone deeper into the story and character, instead it was like he was hurrying to whip up a story to publish.