2015 Spring Shoes

I’m currently in a rut. I feel like none of my shoes go with any of my clothes, and the one pair of flats that I love kill my heel. Plus I want to start wearing more high heels. Anyway, I decided to find all my favorite shoes and put links to them for two reasons: 1) so I can easily find them again because Pinterest isn’t always reliable, and 2) so you can see what is in style (or at least goes with my style!)


The first pair of shoes on my list (actually checked off my list) are these Ollio Oxford Flats. I have wanted oxford style shoes for a while and I finally found a pair that I love. Or at least hope I love – I ordered them today. I already have outfits planned for them and have been waiting all week to wear them. $25


I am loving these Megan 21 d’Orsay heels. Best part is, they are only $26.


Another pair I love. They are so simple, but black goes with basically everything. Steve Madden d’Orsay heel. $60


Neon colors are definitely coming back into style. Just keep it the same bright color. These Charlotte Russe d’Orsay heels are only $31!


Another Charlotte Russe pair. I love the floral design. Adds a little more pattern to your outfit. $31

I’ve actually found just about every color I love in the Charlotte Russe d’Orsay heels. Plus they have a deal going on – buy one pair, get the second for $10. I LOVE that idea and as soon as I get money, I’m buying two pairs!


Steve Madden d’Orsay flats. Has a back zipper to easily put the shoe on. I love these because of the two colors, and the cross on the ankle. I just love this style of flat. $37.50


Forever 21 flats. Remember how I said I have one pair of shoes that I love but hurt my heel? They are from Forever 21. They are pretty great shoes actually. I just can’t wear them for days on end. It’s more like a two day max. But I get compliments on them all the time! They look a lot fancier than they actually are, but they actually hold up quite nicely. I recommend Forever 21 shoes to anyone. $20

March 16th Outfit

IMG_7350 IMG_7351 (2)

Do you ever have days where you just can’t find anything you want to wear? You stare at your clothes for 15 minutes and just can’t find anything appealing to you? Well that was me this morning. When in doubt, wear black. That should be my motto because I love black.

The shirt is older, from Banana Republic. I love it because it isn’t just a plain black shirt. It also has a cute zipper on the back that is useless because it already has a large neck, but that’s beside the point.

Pants are my favorite Sloan 5-pocket leggings.

Necklace is a favorite, my large chunky necklace.

And the shoes, the shoes are amazing. From Banana Republic, they have memory foam in the bottom so they are super comfortable. View them here.

My husband decided to make an appearance today, and so did my doggie, Baxter. He is super needy right now because his friend is gone. We took our other dog to my parents because she is in heat and he wouldn’t leave her alone.

Sunday March 15th

IMG_7338 IMG_7340

Sunday Style.

Black and White Top – similar. Mine is slightly sheer, but you can’t tell unless you are actively looking.

Black Midi Skirt (with pockets). This is currently on sale.

Shoes – Penny Loves Kenny. $13 at Ross.

Necklace – My chunky gold chain necklace.

Bracelet – $2 at Charming Charlies BOGO sale.

Friday the 13th Outfit

IMG_7228 IMG_7230 IMG_7231

My outfit today!

The top is two pieces – one is a different color of the one I wore yesterday, check it out here, and a budget-friendly one here. The lace is a separate piece. You can check out a similar one here, and a budget-friendly one here.

The pants are my Sloan 5-pocket leggings. I told you they were my favorite. I wear them like everyday. I actually have 2-3 pairs… Check them out here.

My leather jacket is also from Banana Republic. It was expensive, but that’s what I chose to spend my part of tax returns on a couple years ago. It is the softest leather and it goes with almost every outfit (it does help that most my outfits are black). Check out my previous post about spring jackets. I would wear just about all of those with this outfit.

Here are a couple similar necklaces: here and here.

Similar bracelet – here.

And finally, my watch is from Invicta. I got it for Christmas a couple years ago from my husband. My favorite part is that it is submersible up to 100 feet, which is great for scuba diving. The hands also glow in the dark, which is nice for nighttime and darker dives.

Spring Jackets under $50


Blush or light pink is very trendy for Spring. This pink moto jacket is $25 from Forever 21.


I love love love this look. I’m all about black, but being able to style in that color can really add personality and depth. I would wear some light pink heels and a big gold statement necklace. Here is it for $38.


I LOVE grey! When I saw this jacket I actually fell in love and might have to get it for myself. I like that the sleeves roll up for the warmer spring days, but can also be unrolled when it’s cold and rainy. Check it out here for $35.


I’ve personally been looking for a good white jacket/blazer and I think I’ve found it. I love that it’s collarless because collars bother my neck, and they knot up my hair. I love the look of all the neutrals together – it’s very similar to my style. Check it out here for $35.


I also love the look of this fabric. I have a sweater similar to it and I feel that I elevates any outfit you wear it with. It has a side zipper, which is popular right now and it’s fitted to compliment your body. Only $40; check it out here.


I’m all about black – seriously, my closet is 75% black/dark grey. What I love about this bomber jacket is that it’s lace so it adds more depth and texture to your outfit. Originally $48 – on sale at $38. Check it out here.


Another really cute black jacket that isn’t your plain black. Polka dots are really turning into a neutral these days. It can be mixed with stripes and other patterns and always looks great with any solid color. On sale for $46 here.


Another black/white jacket. I love this pattern. It’s not too busy, pleasing to the eye, and mixes things up. I think this would be adorable as a jacket you wear all day. On sale here for $28.


This jacket looks so chic and is a cotton/polyester blend, so it’ll be comfortable (my kind of style!). It’s on sale here for $35.

March 12 Outfit


The top is from Banana Republic, you can see it here. Or a more budget friendly version here.

The denim shirt is also from Banana Republic. Here is one similar.

The pants are the same as yesterday’s. View them here. Again, they are my favorite. They can be dressy or casual and are extremely comfortable.

The shoes, which aren’t pictured, are the same as yesterday and are from Old Navy. Similar ones are here.

The necklace is also from Banana Republic. Here is a similar one, mine just doesn’t have the little jewels.

March 11 Outfit

To start off, I found a similar skirt to the one I wore yesterday. You can see it here.


My outfit today, again, is all from Banana Republic. But I have found items similar and linked them.

Striped Shirt: Similar

Graphic Sweater: I’ve found lots of cute ones, it just depends on your style. The one I have, of course, can’t be found anywhere. Here is one I love that is more casual.  Here is one that I would feel comfortable wearing to work.

Pants: Here are the exact ones. I absolutely love mine and they are worth the money. They fit and feel like leggings, but they have 5 pockets, so you don’t have to have a shirt that covers the butt and crotch area. They are long, but I mostly roll mine up to wear with flats or booties. Sloan fabric is something that Banana Republic created and has patented. It is soft and comfortable. Even though the tag says they should be dry clean only, I throw mine in a delicate cycle and air dry and they look the same without spending as much.

Shoes: They are from Old Navy, and they actually just sold out within the last week. So here is a similar style – the only difference is mine are closed toe, and these are a summer bootie with an open toe. I’m also considering these for the summer.